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10 question you should ask your Solar Salesperson

1. How much does it cost?

Probably the most important question, as the sooner the payback on your solar the better. This solar panels information is important when it comes to your investment. However, the age-old adage that you pay for what you get is very accurate in the solar industry. If you have an incredibly cheap quote, that’s because you are being offered very cheap products and or shortcuts are being taken to cut overall costs. Be wary. It is great to look out for the specials we have.

 2. What size system do I need?

The most important consideration when it comes to sizing a solar PV system is, they cannot provide any energy at night so only daytime consumption can be met. Therefore it is important to look at how much energy can be consumed during the day. We prefer to discuss with you, your usage patterns and lifestyle to offer the most accurate advise. If your solar company is not asking this question then they cannot offer an accurate payback period.

3. Do they work in winter?

Yes, they still work in winter, however as the sun is not up for that long, or it is  overcast or raining, solar production is lower. Often your electricity usage may be less in Winter so this may not be too much of an issue.

4. What solar panel technology is the best?

For most domestic and commercial systems there are 3 main technologies available, Poly, Mono, and amorphous silicon. Poly is the most popular as it works well in high-temperature environments. I know that a mono module has a higher efficiency, however, that is tested under what is called “Normal operating test conditions” NOTC. This, however, is not on a rooftop under much higher temperatures and altering light conditions.

5. Are the rebates going to end?

The answer here is ultimate yes, however, nobody knows when it is up to the government of the day. If a salesperson is telling you rebates end tonight unless he knows something the government has yet to announce then they probably won’t end tonight.

6. Who handles the claiming of the rebate?

We take care of all of the paperwork and claiming of STC,s (rebates) on your behalf. You do not have to go and get them yourself.

7. Do you offer finance?

Yes, we do offer finance. Be wary of some finance offers. If you are being offered “interest-free” you should be aware that nothing is ever for free, built into the total cost of the solar system is an amount sometimes up to 30% for the so-called interest-free. Remember it is important to get the payback period as soon as possible. An interest-free offer only delays the payback.

8.What about inverters?

The single most important and expensive feature of a solar PV system is the inverter. It is important to invest a little more to buy a good quality inverter as a cheap inverter has a short lifecycle. It is also important to consider the location of the inverter, ideally, they should be located away from the sun in a sheltered environment to prolong life.

9. What is a micro inverter?

This is a small inverter located underneath the modules and is designed to optimize the power from each module. This can provide a solution to a property that has shade on part of the structure, where the modules are to be located. They often can provide a higher daily output and are considered to be safer as there are no high DC voltages on the roof. They also have a much longer warranty than single string inverters, however as with everything in life they are more expensive.

10. Can I go completely off the rid in the city?

Whilst it is possible to connect an off-grid system they are currently too expensive to have a reasonable payback period. What some people choose to do is install a hybrid system that offers the flexibility of having energy stored for later use and the ability to stay on the grid as a backup.

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