706, 2018

The benefits of solar

The Benefits of Solar Aside from the obvious claims of “free power” are there really [...]

606, 2018

Solar Power Rebate Change

SOLAR POWER REBATE CHANGES IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA The Australian Government’s Solar Power Rebate program is [...]


We support the future – we support the Sonnen Battery

The SonnenBatterie Eco is an elegant battery system; but don’t let its modern, sleek design deceive you. This is a tough battery, ideal for home energy storage applications in Australia.

This space-saving unit can be yours at a very affordable price, has many features and offers ample storage – from 4kWh – 16kWh in 2kWh increments – and without needing to upgrade the built-in inverter.

Dramatically reduce your monthly energy costs, in some case with batteries power bills can be eliminated.

Join thousands of our happy clients.

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