The Home Solar Battery that Stores Renewable Energy

Installing a solar battery along with your solar system is a smart idea.

Why is installing a home solar battery the way to go? Living off the grid to avoid high electricity bills has never sounded better.  Storing renewable energy from the sun is like harvesting energy from the sun, but now you will be storing it for later use as well. What could be better?

No more dark and lonely days

On the days when it’s not so bright out or when it’s raining non-stop, you will have nothing to worry about as your battery system will be storing your energy.  Having the option to stay off the grid even in nasty weather is a plus. It saves you money.

What’s the point of selling all your collected energy back to the utility if you can still use it? There is little point. Living off grid does involve being mindful of the energy you use every day. Being careful to use energy as necessary and not to exceed your storage capabilities are all things to think about.


With our solar battery’s available on finance it creates a lot more possibility. You can certainly save and afford one. The prices have gone down recently and look to stabilize in the near future. The return on investment for a battery is good though and you should not hesitate to jump in with both feet.

Which battery?

Choosing the right battery is paramount. The two most important factors to consider are capacity and power. Capacity tells you the size of the battery but not the output at a specific moment. Power is the amount of electricity that a particular battery can deliver at one time.

Batteries with lower power ratings but higher capacity ratings will deliver small amounts of power over longer periods of time. In turn, you can run a few small appliances for a while. Now if you have a battery with a higher power rating and a lower capacity you can pretty much run your home but not for too long. Now, do you understand the difference?

Solar batteries need to retain a small charge at all times because of the chemicals that they are made from. So this is called the Depth of Discharge. Discharging all of the battery is not good because you will shorten its life. You need to maintain a specific amount and the manufacturer will let you know what that is.


Another term you may here is round-trip efficiency. This is the amount of energy that can be used expressed as a percentage of the amount of energy it took to store it. Basically, it’s the cost of storage for energy itself. In general, the higher round-trip efficiency, the more economic your battery is.

Battery Life and Warranty

These are usually spoken of in cycles…charge/discharge cycles. Normally the manufacturer will guarantee a certain number of cycles. Remember that just like a cell phone battery, a solar battery gradually loses some of its ability to hold a charge. This is just part of life with batteries.

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The sun is a renewable energy source. Make use of that today with a solar system, panels, battery and an inverter.