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Battery technology is developing at a faster rate than before. There must be interesting things to come, but for now, solar panel Perth battery technology can help reduce your bills and can power your home for a short time.

The sonnenBatterie eco

The starts of your independence, because the sonnenBatterie is not just a solar battery, it’s an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household. So, thus making you independent and protecting you from energy price hikes.


The sonnenBatterie has a minimum lifespan of 10,000 charging-cycles. So you can rest assured that it will supply you with clean energy for many years to come.


In the sonnenBatterie, we exclusively use lithium iron phosphate batteries, because of the safest lithium battery technology available today.


Because of its attractive purchase price and short payback periods, the sonnenBatterie is possibly your most economic access to clean energy.

-The start of your independence

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To Kim and his team thank you,

You have provided the highest of service, from consultation to commissioning it was a breeze. Paperwork was easy as you did it all and submitted it, thank you. My power bills have shrunk, wish I had done it sooner. Best money I have ever spent..
Also love how I can track on my phone how much power the unit is making.
Once again many many thanks.

Sharon, Carramar, Home Owner

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for our solar system and battery. It is great to be able to see on our phones the amount of power we are using and generating at a glance. We have had a recent power bill which is our summer bill and it was $83. We are so proud to be using the sun to assist in powering our home and love the fact we are able to store what we don’t use during the day to use at night. The battery is very slim and doesn’t take up much room near our shed which is great. We also appreciate that you are monitoring our usage so you are able to give us good advice about best use of our system. Thank you and your team for a very professional service. Regards

Sandy, Fremantle, Home Owner

” The recent purchase and installation of my solar power and Sonnen battery system was a totally pain free process. Kim was open and upfront right from the start, recommending what was right for us, and not at all pushing for a sale. The installation went smoothly, and the required approvals all happened without hiccups. The system has operated smoothly from day one, and Sonnens’  interest in the functioning of the system gives one comfort. I would recommend any one contemplating the installation of a PV system, and or battery talk to Kim.  Confidence and trust is paramount in this business, and thats what I felt from the start of the process, and have today after several months operation of the system. I would be happy to discuss personally if so desired”

Ron, Fremantle, Home Owner